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Solar power has been an interest of ours at Energy Professionals for over 30 years!

Finally, the time has come for us to try our collective business hand at it. After searching the market for products available, determining how to best be of help to homeowners and builders, environmentalists and conservationists, old hippies and young 'greenies' , we have arranged dealerships with some of the best available! Whether you are seeking space heat - heating the area you want to stay comfortable in; hot water - heating water to use domestically or helping to heat water that warms your space ; or photovoltaic - solar electricity ; WE CAN HELP !

We carry economical, hot air space-heating only SolarSheat(r) panels from Your Solar Home. These panels as featured in Mother Earth News-Jul'07- are designed to mount on the wall or on the roof. They can be installed DIY or by us or by your contractor, provide space heat for 500 sq ft when the sun shines ; no complicated storage and delivery systems. Just HEAT we typically let reflect off the wall or roof ! They can be used to heat air to be put into your existing hot air heat ducts.

We are also dealers for SUNSIARAY's NorthernComfort hybrid , hot air/hot water panels. These systems use an air-to-liquid exchange unit, installed inside the conditioned space - no drain down necessary, no anti-freezes involved! They use potable water to supply your domestic needs year round. In the heating season they meet the settings of the space heating mode first, then heat water into you tank/auxiliary system. They can also be used to heat water into your current distribution system.

For those interested in passive solar space heat, we are factory- authorized dealers for Solar Innovations, manufacturers of a fine line of first class Sunrooms, Skylights and Greenhouses. We chose these products because of their attention to detail, quality of materials and construction. Also, we believe that any sunroom/sunporch should be used as a part of a broader solar furnace or solar heating plan and as such should have some storage and distribution plan before construction to insure proper function - in other words to keep it from overheating !

Photovoltaic - solar electricity - holds perhaps the greatest potential for powering us through the 21st century. Products are many, qualities are comparable, and the sizes and combinations come in a wide array! We handle items from SunWize, who bring us brand names by companies like Sanyo and Sharp. They are also east coast distributors for UniSolar's thin film laminate; the first commercially available roll-on product for generating electricity from typical metal roofing ! Thats right, roll it on like roofing paper, wire it up, plug it in, and use your own homemade electricity !

We look forward to helping many of you become less dependent on big corporations and fossil fuels. Always remember, the first step in any solar power plan is to be sure your home is air-sealed and insulated to the best possible levels. We suggest an energy audit - check with your state or utility officials to see if a program (professional standards, financial incentives?) exists in your area. Tell your national politicians that we NEED to move toward solar electric versatility, and envision the meter on the side of your house spinning backwards !

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