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What is an energy audit? How do I know I can trust the results, or the auditor? Why should I spend my money on an audit instead of home improvements? Where do I begin?

An energy audit is a comprehensive series of tests and measurements of YOUR home. We use high tech equipment such as a blower door - to pressure test your house, to find out how much air leakage exists, and where those leaks are ; a duct blaster ( if your home has forced hot air heat with ductwork in unconditioned space ) - which will find the leaks in your ducts and help us be able to seal those leaks ; various meters for checking solid state efficiency of your furnace, ambient gas levels in your home , as well as spillage and drafting of flu gases. It also involves some good old Yankee ingenuity & know-how .We will check inside your walls, attic, and basement for existing insulation levels and proper installation. We will take infrared pictures to show areas of temperature difference or heat loss. In short, we'll study your house, build a computer model of your home, and show you where to improve its performance and comfort level. Then our computer software will generate a report , specific to your home and family...